Hitachi 3TB HDS5C3030ALA630MEAO

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Hitachi 3TB HDS5C3030ALA630MEAO

Postby egon-upps » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:21 am

This is just an information
I changed the harddisk in an Qnap TS-119 Turbo NAS with firmware version: 3.6.1 Build 0302T with QRaid-1 Procedure, so the config stayed the same
Before I had an 2TB Samsung EcoGreen F4 HD204UI disk which produced
System Temperature 46°C
HDD 1 Temperature 33°C
No I have an 3TB Hitachi HDS5C3030ALA630MEAO
System Temperature 50°C
HDD 1 Temperature 40°C
The noise is almost the same
The Hitachi seems a little bit faster.
TS-119 Rel 4.1.1 with WD40EFRX RED
TS-219+ Rel 4.1.0 with SAMSUNG HD154UI
TS-419P II Rel 3.8.3 with 3xSAMSUNG HD204UI

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