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add additional IP in share link dialog

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:17 pm
by dusko_m
I have multiple public IP (7 total) on my WAN router port. One of those (/30) is used as public IP for NAT (masquerade) of my LAN and has a gateway for default route ( set on it

One of remaining IP (/29 range - these do not have gateway), i am intending to use for the sole purpose of exposing one qnap NAS for public file sharing. I do 1:1 dst-nat to translate this public IP to internal IP of QNAP unit and external access works flawlessly. But...

when I try to create share link in File Station, I do not have option to choose this IP I reserved for public access to NAS. it only gives me option to chose IP that is used as gateway for my LAN. does anyone know how I might change this and add additional options in GUI dialog. I can copy one of the generated links and manually change IP to desired one but this is not the option that i can present to my coworkers. they are simply not that tech savvy and this would create to much confusion.