QVR Pro problems with event recording

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QVR Pro problems with event recording

Postby J2121 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:12 am

I recently set up a TS-253be with some cameras. Setup was surprisingly simple, with only some minor glitches along the way.

One problem I cannot figure out is event recording.

My cameras have motion detection set up and I have an "event" set in QVR Pro. When motion is detected, there are two "rules" in play. First rule calls for an "event recording" and the second rule sends an email to me.

Motion is detected. An email is sent. QVRPro client has a marker in the timeline.

What I cannot find is the event recording. QVRPro client shows no events at all in the list. Clicking on "more events" opens the log window which does list the event details.

I saw a thread with some similar issues, although what seemed to be the solution there didn't work.

My cameras are set to record 24/7 on stream 1. I have tried setting "event recording" to stream 1 and also to stream 2. Neither generates an event recording or event notice in QVRPro client.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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Re: QVR Pro problems with event recording

Postby J2121 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:46 pm

I'm back after realizing that my motion problems are far more extensive. Sometimes QVRPro works as expected, most of the time it is a complete disaster.

- My cameras are on the compatibility list. They are set to record "stream 1" 24/7 and "stream 2" for events.
- The software that comes with the camera properly indicates motion detected when there is motion.
- Events are set up for each camera to a) record the motion event and b) sent me an email on a motion event

The issue seems to be with QVR Pro. Here are some of the problems:

- Motion is detected when there is no motion (no motion seen PLUS no motion indicated in native camera software)
- Motion is NOT always detected when there is motion (sometimes it indicates a motion event, sometimes it does not)
- Red mark in client timeline indicates a motion event, but none shown in sidebar. Logs show a motion event was detected
- Events that are shown in sidebar have no red line in timeline.
- Desktop QVR Pro client shows some, but not all, motion events in sidebar. iPad version show different motion events in sidebar
- Emails not always sent on motion event. I may get several in a row and then it stops sending for days. Then it might start again.
- Motion will not be detected on major events (large object moving across field of view) then activate on minor event a few minutes later.
- Changes to camera motion sensitivity works in camera's software, but seems to have no effect on QVR Pro reaction to motion. As noted above, it works infrequently along with numerous false alarms.

I have rebooted the cameras. This seems to help, although it looks like the act of disconnecting then reconnecting to QVR Pro is what makes things work for about 5 minutes. After that, it is back to the above.

It is all incredibly frustrating. This is a simple setup with only three cameras.

Is anyone else having similar issues? Better yet, does anyone have QVR Pro working properly?

How can I remove QVR Pro and reclaim the reserved disk space? I'm hoping that Surveillance Solution might actually be a solution.

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Re: QVR Pro problems with event recording

Postby dragerfroe » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:41 pm

I am having the same issues, but I think the camera is not sending out the alarm because the camera log is not showing it and nothing is received in the QVR logs. I can get it to work for about 6 hours then the cameras just stop sending alerts until I reboot.

If it is a ONVIF, can you try setting that as the camera? Maybe that will help.

I did NOT like surveillance station. I had them both and tried them both extensively. To me, QVR seems more robust. I removed Surveillance Station and stuck with QVR Pro. The event stuff is irking me right now though.

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