QVR Pro stopped internal recording on Reolink cams?

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QVR Pro stopped internal recording on Reolink cams?

Post by rojek » Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:45 am

On Saturday 9-Oct I installed QVR Pro on my NAS and connected 5 Reolink cameras.
All cameras connected OK and QNAP has been recoding incl sound and I can Smart Search recoedings, etc, all good.

But, today is Wednesday, and I just discovered that all Reolink cameras have not been recording on their internal storage card since Saturday.
I used to get 21 days, still have them up to Saturday.
Nothing since.
All settings on Reolink cams seem to indicate the camears are recording but they are NOT.

Is this possible that QVR Pro disabled cameras internal recording?
That would be plain crazy.
I can't see any setting in QVR Pro about that.

Checked Reoling cams from mobile app and desktop app to make sure.
I have 4x RLC-422 (5MP) and 1x RLC-420 (5MP with sound).
Until Saturday, I used to run the QNAP Surveillance Station and it caused no problems apart from being rudimentary.
Cheers (TS 453D and some older units)

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Re: QVR Pro stopped internal recording on Reolink cams?

Post by spile » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:49 pm

I cannot see how. I would check the Reolink forums or open a call with them.

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