Sony IPELA and Alarm Recordings or Motion?

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Sony IPELA and Alarm Recordings or Motion?

Postby philmee95 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:38 am

Hello, we have a qnap VS-8140Pro+ with 37 Sony IPELA cameras attached. I have 2 weeks of continuous recordings but I would like to have alarm recordings or Motion events as well.

Motion or Alarm recordings would of course show us where and when something actually happened vs watching 3 days of video to check for an event. Not sure if this is possible, my install company kind of scratched their head when it came to alarms. Our old DiBos system had this, so I now miss this feature.

The sony cams are on the ONVIF list with "S" type compatibility. I saw in the forums ONVIF mentioned a lot as how alerts function. The QNAP site shows these cameras are compatible but alarm function is not supported. When you click on notes the qnap site says
This model support smart recoding & User defined multi streaming

I have alarms set up on 1 of our dome cameras and the SONY admin page shows the event getting fired with a green motion box.

not sure how up to date the site is for the compat list, but there are only 4 sony cams for 5.1. I am on the most current NVR Current firmware version: 5.1.1 for NVR
Date: 2017/06/07

I updated all the sony cams to the latest fw a few months ago when it was version 2.7.2.
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Re: Sony IPELA and Alarm Recordings or Motion?

Postby AlastairStevenson » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:12 pm

The cameras may not support the generation of ONVIF event notifications for motion, even if you can configure this in the camera web GUI.
You can check this independently using the very good Windows open-source tool ONVIF Device Manager from
Give ODM some logon credentials (top left of the window) and it will find ONVIF devices automatically.
Check out the Events page to see if the cameras generate motion events, also check out the Rules to the topics supported.
If ONVIF Events are generated, the QNAP box should be able to use them under an ONVIF ProfileS connection.
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