grab livestream from SS

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grab livestream from SS

Postby lemonbiter » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:55 am

Hi there
my foscam does not provide MJPG video and the homeautomization user frontend does not allow other than MJPG...
But the UI of my homeautomization does allow me to implement a website
So my idea is, can i livestream via simple http request the livevideo from the ss of any of the cameras?
I have 4 webcams integrated into ss

If yes: Her comes the question: HOW :-)
It would be ideal if ss would provide a MJPG stream (I know I might be a dreamer

Please bear in mind I am a beginner... so please be nice and I very much hope there is something like "http:IPADDRESS-of-QNAP-camNumberX:PORT@username.pasword

if not, can you help me get there explained for a dummy?

Thanks in advance

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