Wansview W2 Camera Issue

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Wansview W2 Camera Issue

Post by aussie113 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:21 pm

Having difficulty configuring a Wansview W2 camera to work with the Surveillance Station. The camera is working correctly with the Wansview Android App!

This camera was purchased because of it being shown as a compatible camera in the QNAP Surveillance Station specifications.

In the Surveillance Station when I configure the camera it constantly shows as Status Connecting in the camera overview and although I do appear to see an initial snapshot in the Channel preview this is a jumpy and inconsistent video feed. If I use the QVR Monitor view I only see a blank screen for the real time video feed, and no videos are recorded or available for viewing.

If I change the camera setup to Brand: ONVIF & Camera: ONVIF Cameras, the Status in Camera Overview goes to connected and I can see live view video & Recordings in the QVR Monitor, albeit that event this configuration still appears to frequently drop off and establish.

One of the main reasions that I want to try to get this configuration working under the Wansview confirgurations is so that I can trigger recording events based on the motion detection options which is available under the Wansview brand configuration but not under the ONVIF brand configuration.

Does anybody have any experience or advice the can offer on successfully configuring the Wansview W2 camera in Surveillance Station?



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Re: Wansview W2 Camera Issue

Post by AlastairStevenson » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:48 am

Does anybody have any experience or advice the can offer on successfully configuring the Wansview W2 camera in Surveillance Station?
I'm guessing that you are connecting this camera over WiFi.
If so - WiFi is a notoriously unreliable way of connecting the video stream of a surveillance camera, even more so if the WiFi is subject to same-channel interference from other WAPs, is used by other devices, or does not have a strong signal.
As a temporary measure, attach camera via an ethernet cable and assess how it behaves with that.
If that method works OK, it may confirm that the WiFi is the cause of the problem.
TS-431+ for storage and media and a bunch of IP cams under Surveillance Station. TVS-473 as files backup and QVR Pro.

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Re: Wansview W2 Camera Issue

Post by lxfly » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:13 am

Well, have got the W2 2 days ago and have similar issue.

Have LAN and Wifi IP configured and the camera works on both for Android App, Windows App and in VLC.

I just can not connect the camera from the Surveillance Station, i get always an IP error.

Changed to ONVIF Cameras and entered only Wifi Address on LAN Box, no WAN and get now a connection in station and Monitor.

Need the camera for a timelapse application with surveillance station.

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Re: Wansview W2 Camera Issue

Post by PUpillo » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:11 pm

From the Wansview support:

"Pls allow me to explain it: the camera W2 actually has two versions of firmware, 49P4 is the old version. Now all the w2 available has the new firmware: from 00.24000.00.64 to 00.24000.00.67.
In fact it's not possible to upgrade firmware between these two versions. "

I currently select NCM754GA on QVR PRO to manage the "old" W2, while for the new W2 (firmware 00.24xxx) I still haven't managed in make it working perfectly. Selecting NCM754GA works but not the motion detector, unless I set it on "QVR PRO" instead of "CAMERA" as trigger.

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Re: Wansview W2 Camera Issue

Post by Node80 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:57 am


I also have a "new" W2 (NCM754GA) with the firmware version 00.24000.00.67, I only want to a video when the motion sensor detects something.
I tried different settings in the "Surveillance Station" without success. Either it captures nothing or everything.

@PUpilllo what do you mean by "unless I set it on "QVR PRO" instead of "CAMERA" as trigger"? I guess this only for QVR Pro NAS modells?

I have an old TS-419PII (no QVR Pro) so motion detection is not possible with the new cam?


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Re: Wansview W2 Camera Issue

Post by QNAPAlanK » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:15 pm

Hi Node80

Wansview has 2 versions, 00.24000.00.67 is V2 version, V2 version does not support to trigger QVR Pro / Surveillance Station motion happen.

Compatibility List:
https://www.qnap.com/zh-tw/compatibilit ... d=Wansview

Sorry for inconvenient.


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