QVR + SS Security issue?

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QVR + SS Security issue?

Post by rop » Sun Aug 04, 2019 3:36 am

Ok this is driving me nuts, so any suggestions are welcomed.

My setup is pretty simple Nas behind router with a private IP, been running 5 cameras with SS for about 4 years and till now all has worked great.
So today i log in to my NAS to find that this IP

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had been automatically blocked for N amount of minutes, twice...So there has been occasions in the past ive seen similar, so i proceded to add the IP to a perm blocked list. Immediately after adding the IP to the list my QVR MAC client dropped.. Si I tried to log into my SS via my NAS but nada it just didn't do anything... So i decided to unblock thee IP, still nothing. next I rebooted. Once back up SS is working, QVR is fine again. So i add the IP again to my block list, QVR GOES DOWN SS STOPS WORKING... :shock: BTW THIS IS NOT MY PUBLIC IP... HELP , Why does SS need this IP??? whats this IP for and what is being sent there????
Do we have a serious security issue here?


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Re: QVR + SS Security issue?

Post by dolbyman » Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:28 pm

if ips get blocked on your system ...it means your nas is reachable and attackable from the outside..you should take care of that issue before anything else (disable port forwarding and/or upnp)

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