QVR PRO Backup Problem

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QVR PRO Backup Problem

Post by siBIMMS » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:19 pm


I have qvr pro instaled in my qnap and i was trying to setup a RTRR to google drive but i am having some troubles as i get the following error after 1 minute the job starts: "failed to locate source folder".
After some search i found a user with the same problem, that was "fixed" by creating a RTRR job from QVRproRecording to another folder in the local NAS and then having another job to sync that folder to google drive.
I tried that and yeah, the sync from that new folder to google drive worked flawlessly. The problem is the sync from QVRproRecording to the new folder. It only works after i restart the RTRR job, so even if there are new videos created on QVRproRecording folder the HSB keeps saying that the new folder is up to date, which isn't. If i restart the job the new files will be added, but not the ones that can be created after that...
Does anyone know if there is any solution to get past this?

Looking forward to our replies,

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