Reolink RLC-810A dropped frames & connection issue (QVR Pro)

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Re: Reolink RLC-810A dropped frames & connection issue (QVR Pro)

Post by RobHyde » Sun May 02, 2021 4:40 am

Thanks for that advice. I never would have known to activate it first. I had issues but I connected it via ONVIF. Let me look into activating it.

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Re: Reolink RLC-810A dropped frames & connection issue (QVR Pro)

Post by nitromax » Sun May 02, 2021 5:21 am

This is what I did, Use SADPTool from Hikvision to activate cameras and change IP address as default address is mine runs on default gateway of, SADPTool allows you to set password for the cameras.
after adding cameras to QVR Pro,
Brand : Hikvision,
Model : DS-2CD2386G2,
did not use ONVIF Profile S (using QVR Pro 1.4) ... d.jpg?dl=0

If QVR Pro does not find cameras add them manually, Brand : Hikvision, Model : DS-2CD2386G2, IP Address 192.168 x.xx, Port 80, RTSP Port 554, Account: admin, Password(what ever you entered)

transport protocol: auto
stream mode: single stream
audio recording : enabled
Stream settings
Video Compression: H.265+
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Frame Rate: 20
Bit Rate: 4096K bps

Event Manger
add even and actions mine is:
motion detection camera 1 (make sure is shows (Camera as detector)
Action event recording camera 1
click apply

From camera setting get IP address of camera, launch web browser and type IP address of camera

user is : admin and password you would have set when activating cameras.
when logged in click on Configuration/ events/ basic event or smart event, (I use basic event) then click on Motion detection, enable motion detection, enable Dynamic Analysis for motion.
Configuration : normal
click draw area and draw as many square you require to cover area you want motion detection, set target for vehicle or human or both, Sensitivity is set at 60%, click save.
if you click on arming schedule you can specify a time for motion detection. Link method : send email, notify QVR Pro, upload to Memory card /FTP

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