QTS / QuTS Survllanace questions

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QTS / QuTS Survllanace questions

Post by SFX Group » Tue Mar 30, 2021 4:28 pm

We are looking at the larger 12bay NAS units, this raises a few questions about the Apps, many say "go QuTS", however we noticed it doesnt support QVR Pro, so we started checking, it also doesnt support any of the below:

- QVR Face Insight
- QVR Door Access
- QVR Face Tiger
- QVR Human
- QVR Smart Search
- QVR Guard
- QUSBCam2

So whats with this new OS, looks like a huge overhead with many Apps not supported.... it does raise other questions as many NAS units with USB ports running QTS doesnt appear to support QUSVCAM2, and most do not support any of the nice stuff above... so is this just an oversight on the QNAP App page?
Many Thanks

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