Increase alarm recordings

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Increase alarm recordings

Post by satnerd » Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:57 pm


Is there any way to tweak the system to have the recording start ex. 5 sec before / after a motion detection?
Today I'll have to choose between 30 and 300 seconds and I can't see the point recording 30 seconds before a motion detection....

I changed /etc/config/nvrd.xml with these settings:

And /home/http/cgi-bin/data/r-advancedsetting.html:

else if(document.form1.PreRecording.value < 5 || document.form1.PreRecording.value > 300).
alert(NVR_Advanced_Rec20); .
else if(document.form1.PostRecording.value < 5 || document.form1.PostRecording.value > 300).

I can now Apply settings with 5 seconds under Advanced Settingsd without any error message.
But the camera still proceed to make huge files with many seconds prior/after a motion detection.

Any advice how to change this?


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