IE [ActiveX] Troubles TS-639 Pro 3.1.1 Build0815

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IE [ActiveX] Troubles TS-639 Pro 3.1.1 Build0815

Post by NASicist » Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:15 pm

Is there a way to get the ActiveX components in an individual package download instead of through the Surveillence pages?

I'm having multiple issues in getting both the Live Viewer to work and the Playback tab using IE6 on multiple computers. In my desktop computer, If I access the QNAP locally IP:8080 the Playback Tab works but the Live Viewer Tab hangs with a "Please Wait" + Close Button. It never finishes and when I hit close, it crashes to the QNAP Login screen but if I access it from the Internet through DNS everything works fine except the error in the Log Tab states "No recording data found for Camera 1 on 2009-10-26." when I set it to record on Motion Detection for all hours and days of the week even though the camera is said to be officially supported. Is it an issue that it's a BL-C131A model?

On another clean system (VMware VM), the Live Viewer works but the Playback tab consistently crashes with a Windows memory error. :( I've gone in and manually uninstalled all the NAS & QNAP ActiveX controls and tried a reinstall but to no real success. A wireless laptop seems to install everything fine but I get a big "Q" in my Playback Tab viewer (not seen on other systems) which I assumed meant that the NAS used Quicktime format for recording but it wouldn't visually playback any of the two recorded videos I had even though I could hear the sound and the progress bar was moving. I also couldn't play the recorded videos in VLC when I "downloaded" them even though I had the Quicktime codec installed. Is that the proper codec for these recorded "AVI" files? My only camera so far is the Panasonic BL-C131A and unless I can get IE to work for remote viewing in it's entirety, it will severely diminish one of my intended uses for the Qnap NAS.

I've disabled all my antivirus and spyware apps and added my Qnap IP to IE's trusted Sites but getting everything to work on one system for all the functions seems to be an ellusive goal. The fact that certain functions work or not based upon how I access the Qnap meaning locally or over the Internet seems quite odd and defies my ability for a reasonable explanation. I would think a separate ActiveX installation package that would allow for Add/Remove from Windows would ensure a complete and proper install (to ensure a flawed activeX install isn't the problem) plus easily allow you to remove it later if necessary. Any chance of that happening or some advice on possible solutions for any of these perplexing issues? :? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Bonus Question: What is "Start recording video (at minimum) second(s) before the event occurs."? HOW CAN IT RECORD "before" AN EVENT OCCURS? It won't know an event occurs until it does and then how's it going to go back in time to record it unless it is constantly recording and caching video that it sends back attached with the event once it detects an event. Is that what happens :?:

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