Hybrid Backup Sync 3 -> Windows Server 2019 share

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Hybrid Backup Sync 3 -> Windows Server 2019 share

Post by Godrick » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:22 am

My TVS-682T is logged in to my Active Directory Domain as a Member Server.

I want to copy a folder on he NAS to a spare share on a Windows Server 2019, which I assume can be accomplished by setting up a 1-way sync job to a remote CIFS/SMB Server.

CIFS / SMB1 is no longer installed onto Windows Server by default but I can't seem to add the share on the Windows Server to the HBS3 dialogue (the magnifying glass just hangs, producing no list of servers, never mind the one that I want to use). If I put the name of the server that I want to use (either hostname or FQDN) then no shares are generated by the share magnifying glass -- bad configuration, or some such. I have also tried various configurations of the username (with / without domain, "\", "+", etc) etc all to no avail.

Has anyone got this working, or do I have to using robocopy from the server?

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