VM losing network connection after ~24hrs

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VM losing network connection after ~24hrs

Post by jmckinnon » Mon May 10, 2021 9:00 pm

I’ve seen posts similar to this, in nature, but I’ve also seen that the specs are much less than the following…

I've just purchased a TS-h886 ( h4.4.2.1638 ) fully loaded with 6 x 10TB HDD's and 2 x 1TB SSD, all raid specific drives. It's also loaded with the Xeon D-1622 @s.6GHz and 16GB of ram.

I’m using this device as an offsite storage solution for Altaro Offsite Backups. This means I need to run a VM on it to run the Altaro Offsite Backup software. Note that I have previously ran this solution BUT not with a VM, the Windows system was actually an i5 w/4GB of ram that ran flawless for several months at a time.

The VM is a Windows 10 Pro with 4CPU’s assigned, 8GB of ram all on the mirrored SSDs. This VM uses a mapped drive to the QNAP’s main storage set, being the 6 10TB HHDs.

This should be a very solid solution, the VM is fairly snappy and it’s looking great… except that it’s network connection doesn’t seem to persists pas ~24hrs, sometimes it drops in only a few hours.

The data stream is only coming in around 60Mbps to 80Mbps over a 1Gbps connection and it's connected directly into my cable modem. Please don’t tell me this system isn’t beefy enough, it far exceeds the historical configuration.

I’ve tried many different ideas but nothing’s been successful. By gut’s telling me it has something to do with the virtual switch.

I’m at a loss.

Any thoughts? QNAP Tech’s?

Someone school me please 😉

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