QNAP NAS solution for server virtualization and clustering/HA/FT
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I am not what you would call proficient in networking tech, so this one is a bit beyond me and hoping someone might shed some light on this for me.

I am trying to run Perforce, which is a versioning management server, similar to GIT but handles large files better, and has some features beyond GIT. Anyway, I am trying to setup this server on my QNAP-TS453A running a virtualization machine running centos 7. I managed to get that up and running fine, and I have also successfully installed perforce server on that virtual machine and it appears to be running correctly. But here is my issue, i want to be able to run the client software that connects to that server both on my local network from a windows machine, and also externally so that people I am working on a project with can also check-in their work into the server using a client running on a box outside my home network. Currently, the VirtualizationStation3 tells me the network setup for the Centos 7 virtualmachine is running on Adapter 1, and gives me the same ip address that I connect to when just using my QNAP for server files. I have 2 volumes on my QNAP, the first is a raid 1 running as a straight forward file and media server. No problem there everything on the network can see that volume fine and connect to it, both through media servers and also using smb workgroup. The second volume is also a raid 1 setup, and which is where I am trying to run this centos machine.

First here is my setup in detail...

I have a Hitron Cable Modem/Router which is my IP's setup, hooked up to that I have a Dlink AC3200 Ultra router, and another dlink switch so that everything I have is plugged into the one Dlink network, and i just use the Hitron for internet access. As mentioned above i have not had and problems with any of my tv/android media boxes/imac/windows seeing the virst Volume on my QNAP. Then I have a windows machine running windows 10 and a imac running Sierra OS.

The perforce server is setup to just listen to port 1666 and using just tcp(plaintext). I might try encryption later, but I thought to start out I just wanted to make things easier for myself.

Ok here is where I get lost, the Virtual Switch that VirtualiaionStation setup for me when i created the virtualmachine only gives me the ip address of the QNAP. But when I look on my dlink connections, I see that there is a new port lets call it 198.168.100.x vs the 198.168.100.y that is my normal address for connecting to the QNAP.

I can successfully ssh onto that centos machine using the 198.168.100.x ip address and run command to see that indeed the server is running, and when i type in

nmap -sT -O localhost

I see that port 1666/tcp is listed as follows....
1666/tcp open netview-aix-6

I have also setup port-forwarding on my dlink router, not on the switch since I am not even sure how to connect to that? But the main dlink router has port 1666 setup for port forwarding.

Here is the issue, now when i try running the client for perforce from my windows machine it cannot find the server, using the ip 198.168.100.x:1666 or 198.168.100.y:1666

I am at a total loss what else I can do to get the server visible. Also there are 4 actual lan connections on the back of the QNAP, but when I plug in another port it into my dlink switch it doesn't seem to recognize anything on the QNAP network devices? Not sure if there is some way I can make the centos us one of those connections instead of the virtual switch which might the thing causing me the issues?

Anway, any help would be unbelievable appreciated at this point. I have spent like 20+ hours on this so far, and now I am really at a loss at to what to try next? Am i just missing some key thing here?

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