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Veeam QNAS Linux Backup repository

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:10 pm
by dhallam
I have followed the info provided below but just cannot get our QNAS to connect properly from out Veeam server using SSH.
The pearl APP is install and from the Veeam Server I can connect via SSH fine and even populate the file structure. But while trying to refresh the storage information, or a test backup all I ever get is a timeout error.
Its using the admin account with full read and write, and it does copy the first vbm file and create the folder for the backup.
Its like it can write but cannot pull the info back to the Veeam Server.
Veeam Server is on 9.5 update 3, and the cert was accepted when creating the repository on veeam.
All Servers being backed up are hosted on VMware latest esxi. ... -or-iscsi/

Only doing this as want an air-gapped solution, and the server will be unavailable apart from the backup window.

Anyone that has achieved this would be very helpful for some help or ideas?

Cheers All