Docker Plex with nvidia gpu support

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Docker Plex with nvidia gpu support

Post by equ1nt1s » Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:54 am

This took entirely too long to figure out but I finally got it.
Opted to go Docker with Plex to accomplish 3 goals: 1- share GPU with Tdarr as Qnap makes you choose container station or app use for your GPU; 2- ease of updating as the Qnap package has to be manually updated every time; 3- lightweight resource environment of the Docker while not being used

Ultimately I went with the linuxserver/plex image as that offered more options for using GPU support which it did not look like the official PMS offered. What frustrated me for the longest time were 2 huge issues: 1- No matter what, I could access and play off my apple tv and iphone, but samsung plex apps would not find the docker PMS; 2- transcoding issues from either not using hw transcode or auto transcoding down to 720p for no apparent reason.

I overcame part of issue 2 by using the same GPU settings in my environment set up as was listed in Tdarr, this got hw transcoding working. I overcame the rest of issue 2 and issue 1 by setting the network settings to host mode, this allowed the Samsung apps to find plex and also allowed direct play on my other devices that previously would never lock to direct play or transcode options higher than 720p.

Additionally, I also installed the nvidia/cuda container but I don't know that this made any difference.

extra environment options:

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Re: Docker Plex with nvidia gpu support

Post by Sconnery » Mon Apr 26, 2021 1:37 pm

did you get tdarr and plex working together with gpu support for both?

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