configuring DNS forwarding with QNAP TS-453A as Domain Controller

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configuring DNS forwarding with QNAP TS-453A as Domain Controller

Postby 421safari » Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:33 pm


first the data:

Model name: TS-453A
Firmware version: 4.2.2 (2016/09/01)
Operation System (OS): Windows 7/10
OS Language: English/Dutch
Number of HDDs: 3
HDD model: HGST HDN724040ALE640 (SATA)
HDD capacity: 4TB
RAID configuration: 1 and none
Services enabled, e.g. Linux Station, Domain Controller (Control Panel > Domain Controller)

I am trying to use the QNAP as domain controller and have set things up according to the manual. I have created the domain, created users and was able to join a (windows 7) pc to the domain after changing its DNS setting to point to the QNAP.

On the QNAP in the network settings the primary DNS entry points to the router/firewall.

The problem is now that the QNAP does not seem to be forwarding DNS requests that it cannot resolve itself (outside of AD). That means the pc can either join the domain, or have a working internet connection, but not both.

The smb.conf contains "dns forwarder =", which seems odd as I would expect it to say "dns forwarder = firewall.ip.address"?

Manually editting /etc/config/smb.conf (or /etc/config/smb.conf_addc) and manually restarting samba with /etc/init.d/ restart seems to somehow involve overwriting smb.conf meaning the changed setting has reverted back to So at this point I don't know if setting it to the firewall ip would fix the problem, nor why it is wrong in the first place if this is the problem.

I am relatively familiar with linux and samba, but not with AD, nor with the peculiarities of QNAP-linux. Any pointers would be highly appreciated!

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Re: configuring DNS forwarding with QNAP TS-453A as Domain Controller

Postby lI_wizard_Il » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:30 pm

Same problem here...


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