AD failure after firmware update - TVS-871

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AD failure after firmware update - TVS-871

Post by gnicholls » Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:01 am

I've got a TVS-871 and have just applied a firmware update 4.3.5. I had two drives in the machine, but only one in use with all of the system files and my data (typically I have an 8TB disk turning up today so that I can create a RAID setup). I had setup the device as a Domain controller, but since the firmware update my device no longer has the configuration set for the Domain controller and none of my users can login / see their data. If I login as local admin I can' get to a fully functioning GUI, if I open File Station 5 I can see all of the shares but when I select a share I get the message "The file or folder does not exist".

If I navigate to "storage and snapshots" there I can see my disk (volume1) but it has a status of "unmounted".

Could anyone help / give pointers on how to go about fixing this or even how to just access the files so that I can copy them off and reformat everything

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Re: AD failure after firmware update - TVS-871

Post by deejinoz » Fri Oct 08, 2021 9:27 am

I'm hoping you have had this resolved by now. But, just on the off chance you haven't...

Sadly, QNAPs are known to fry AD fairly frequently, when updating the firmware. I'd recommend setting up the AD database backup, to help you dig yourself out of any holes a firmware update drops you into. However, I've encountered firmware updates that can also reset the AD backup settings. So, if you ever get stuck in this manner, the only option you have is to open a support ticket with QNAP, through their support portal, go through several rounds of email with them before you will inevitably end up being asked to allow them remote access, via their Help Desk app; whereby they can remote in and usually repair whatever their update fried. In my experience, and there have been several, they're normally able to repair the damage and return your AD, intact. However, the toing and froing with emails, to get this does make this an unnecessarily lengthy process.

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