AD failure after firmware update - TVS-871

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AD failure after firmware update - TVS-871

Post by gnicholls » Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:01 am

I've got a TVS-871 and have just applied a firmware update 4.3.5. I had two drives in the machine, but only one in use with all of the system files and my data (typically I have an 8TB disk turning up today so that I can create a RAID setup). I had setup the device as a Domain controller, but since the firmware update my device no longer has the configuration set for the Domain controller and none of my users can login / see their data. If I login as local admin I can' get to a fully functioning GUI, if I open File Station 5 I can see all of the shares but when I select a share I get the message "The file or folder does not exist".

If I navigate to "storage and snapshots" there I can see my disk (volume1) but it has a status of "unmounted".

Could anyone help / give pointers on how to go about fixing this or even how to just access the files so that I can copy them off and reformat everything

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