Hybrid Station Firmware update 3.2.7 - no sound

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Hybrid Station Firmware update 3.2.7 - no sound

Postby Wallaby » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:15 am

Just an FYI, after updating hybrid station firmware 3.2.7 I had no sound in PLEX, youtube, or any other app. I have the TVS-673e and I was using the top HDMI port #2 and after the update it changed the audio in preferences to HDMI #1 AUDIO, but automatically detected video on HDMI #2. All I had to do to fix this was go into the hybrid station preferences on the monitor (television), not the computer, and change the audio back to HDMI #2 and back to normal (after hours of troubleshooting!). Good Luck.

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