Qumagie Multiple Issues

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Qumagie Multiple Issues

Post by kjohnson2289 » Thu May 12, 2022 6:46 am

Prior to using Qumagie, I used the Auto Upload feature of QFile to backup both mine and my wife's iPhone Photo Library. We each had about 7,000 and 5,000 photos respectively and the uploads took around 24 hours or so (based on the fact that background uploading doesn't work well). After that was complete I decided to start using Qumagie. I selected a overarching "Photos" folder as one of my source folders vice using the automatically created Multimedia folder to store my photos in. After starting to us Qumagie I decided I'd rather use the Qumagie iOS Auto Upload feature instead of QFile's to keep it all in one place. When I setup the Qumagie iOS Auto Upload, it started to upload all of the files over again, despite having "Scan and Upload" selected. So I stopped the process, deleted all of the old files that had been uploaded with QFile and then started the process over again. Which leads me to my problems:

1. Within Qmagie, I can still see all of the old photos I deleted despite them being deleted from the source folder.
2. I cannot use the "Delete" button to delete any photos. It gives me "Unable to Delete".
3. I cannot deselect the source folder. It tells me "Failed"
4. My Qumagie Auto Upload is painfully slow despite getting 4 to 12 mbps upload speeds. Numerous photos are failing altogether. It's nothing like the Auto Upload with QFile was.

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