TS-230 + replacement ffmpeg

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TS-230 + replacement ffmpeg

Post by Andy2718 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:32 pm


I'm a recent purchaser of a TS-230 which now has all of our photos/videos/documents migrated over from external drives, old laptops plus a *very* old Iomega NAS that had been making worrying noises every time I turned it on.

I've got photo thumbnails for everything via Multimedia/Qmagie but I haven't as yet done anything with videos. From careful reading of various threads on here, I have noted that the default ffmpeg installation is borked and I was following the instructions from this thread:


which recommends installing a replacement installation from here:


What I'm not clear on is whether that link actually has a TS-230 (aarch64) compatible QPKG that I can install.

(for general transcoding duties, I am planning to use a docker image from: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/ffmpeg)

Any and all help appreciated.

EDIT: I decided to download anything that didn't have "x86" in the name.... Soon as I saw that TS-XA28A had "ffmpeg_4.3.2_arm_64.qpkg" I knew I was good to go..... :mrgreen:

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