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Preparing for firmware upgrade - help for Music station

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 3:53 am
by ipete
I am locked in the past!!! I am still running QTS 4.3.3 from 2017 on a TS451. I have just purchased a large disk drive and could backup all my files in order to safely try a firmware upgrade. So why haven't I? Well I am afraid of loosing all my metadate in music station. You know all those rating of 3/4/5 out of 5 stars where I have rated my favoourite tracks from each album. All those song details where I've corrected the data eg the year that the song was recorded as apposed to the year the cd was released, this is a probelm with various artist cds or collected hits albums. And all those playlists that I've saved too. In fact I've spent many many hours making my personal jukebox just as I want it, I wouldn't want to start again. I know all this metadata information will be saved in a database file somewhere but I don't know where and I don't know how to back it up. Will the newer versions of Music station be able to use it or import it even if I could? I'm not an advanced user, I can just about use PUTTY to gain access to the Qnap and could follow an idiots guide to copy the the database if someone knows how.