cant solve problems and want to reset, i need help

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cant solve problems and want to reset, i need help

Post by sergios » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:25 am

ts 451 qts ver 4 drives, single volumes ( I know its stupid) win 10

Ok i'm able to log in via q finder. Not able to access network drives via q finder.
cant access shares via windows
cant access app center ( only the installed apps are visible)
Plex is not working as it used to.
plex is not retaining the server on my Samsung tv.

trying to solve these problems I removed the plex app. couldn't install it again via app center ( can't access it). I manually downloaded and installed it. It works if I access it trough server web interface ( although not as it should) can't access it through a saved link. ( yes I have re created the link but can't repeat access after logging out) On tv does not keep the server ( once I quit the app and restart, server not found) I'm loosing my mind.

So my taught is to reset the server all together. I copied volume 1 to a subfolder in volume 4 just in case. I'm thinking of physically remove volume 2,3,and 4 than reset with just volume 1 in. at this point it doesn't matter if I loose the content of volume 1 as I duplicated it on vol 4.

so my question here is if I hard reset with just volume 1, will I be able to re insert volumes 2, 3,4 and be able to see the shares and content? or will I have to re create those shares as described in the hard reset procedure on qnap. will q nap try to reformat those drives the minute I re insert them in? that would be a disaster.

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Re: cant solve problems and want to reset, i need help

Post by dolbyman » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:33 am

never do backups on internal volumes..
backup to external drives/nas/cloud

all shares will be lost when you reset the nas ..and you need to recreate them on all drives before you can access the data again

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Re: cant solve problems and want to reset, i need help

Post by hybras » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:10 pm

I would recommend using firmware update to upload a new copy of the firmware, it sometimes magically fixes things. If reuploading a new firmware doesn't work, press the reset button for a full 10 seconds and see if your problems will resolve.
Even if you are using the latest firmware, download the exact same copy of the same firmware to your computer first, and then force it to update through the browser. (Or via Q Finder)

Pressing the reset button for full 10 seconds will nuke all the existing share link data, but your data in your hdds will be still there, you just need to recreate the share links.

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