Hardware recommending Ai

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Hardware recommending Ai

Post by Jadde » Sat Nov 20, 2021 7:03 am

Hi I have a qnap Ts-431p and I have been happy with it for a while and still am. But it can not quite keep up with the needs I have. It was then where I thought what if one could make an app that could follow your nas for eg 10-30 days and keep an eye on consumed on cpu and ram and so on. So after those days you could go into the app and then it would show you for example 3 different nas types that would suit your needs better.
For example, my nas run every time I look 60% -100% non stop. Most of the time around 85% -95%.
Another solution is that inside qnap's website you can add apps and a number of users you expect to have online access and then it can figure it out before you even buy anything.

I know not everyone is in need of such an app but someone like me who does not know too much about nas hardware is a great thing to have.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

-Jadde :)

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Re: Hardware recommending Ai

Post by Toxic17 » Sat Nov 20, 2021 7:17 am

Personally plan to buy a nas for your needs and future expansion. no app is required, and I cannot see anyone in their right mind writing an app then standing by it to recommend others to purchase an newer NAS.

https://www.qnap.com/solution/nas-choos ... ade/en-uk/

Ask yourself the following questions

firstly what are you using your NAS for?
what connectivity is needed, USB, HDMI, Ethernet 1G,2.5G,5G,10G, SFP ports?
how much data do you have an need over the next few years?
how many disks are needed and what raid is required?
do you require M2 Cache?
What UPS is needed?
What type of backup solution is needed for the Data on the NAS?
and overall what can you afford?

Regards Simon

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