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HBS 3 - Can't disable remote host

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:02 am
by Frustrated2020
Have just upgraded to on our TS-451+
We only use RTRR and on the old version, jobs were grouped by host and we could disable a remote host without touching the jobs. Quick and easy for our task where multiple RTRR targets with multiple jobs are configured.
Under the new version, we have to change the status of the jobs individually.
Can we have the option to enable/disable jobs by host please?

Also, can the menu fly out (from the left) be made to be permanently out (i.e showing text)??
We detest icons; they are cute but are universally ambiguous. All our employees are from a generation that can read, so there is no confusion when reading text.
BTW, the menu bar should be on the top of the screen; not on the left.