Clear Volume Encryption Key during Soft Reset

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Clear Volume Encryption Key during Soft Reset

Post by leuveg » Wed Mar 03, 2021 9:27 pm


I use the cute TS-230 NAS and i think for home use is it cool. But i think it hase an secure problem, that the saved password for the encrypted volume dont clear at the soft reset via reset button pressed 3 seconds.

Why? A person break into my house and steal my NAS. Reset at home and gets my data. Or other people like partypeople of our childs soft reset the NAS (Smartphone + Qnap Manager + WLAN + ResetButton are a bad combination)

At my home i dont need a 24/7 NAS so i send the NAS at night sleep. So my famely can use the NAS without use the encryt key for volumes i stored this keys at the NAS. Comfortable.

Solution: NAS soft reset cleared the stored volume encryption key and the admin must then first enter the password. :)

Or is there already a convenient solution? Like fingerprint reader via usb?

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Re: Clear Volume Encryption Key during Soft Reset

Post by dolbyman » Wed Mar 03, 2021 10:25 pm

reset on back should clear the encryption key..if that is not the case, open a ticket with qnap

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