QNAP iSCSI can't find LUN after migration

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QNAP iSCSI can't find LUN after migration

Post by kkarr2012 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:11 am


I just migrated a 29 TB volume from a TS-659 Pro II to a new TVS-672XT (both 6-bays).

I followed the directions from this article (https://www.qnap.com/en/how-to/knowledg ... e-old-one/) however, a number of issues came up and i am still baffled by a few.

1. The volume and RAID array migration looked to go over okay however it says Legacy Volume. (The original Volume is a Thin LUN - based EXt4 volume 29 TB)

2. During the first Flashing of the new Firmware (with no drives at first), the 672XT appeared to be confused as it kept referring to needing to be above QTS 4.2.6 even though the version flashed was the lastest version 4.5.1. 4.2.6 was the version running on the old TS-659 Pro II! It then complained that a new Virtual switch app couldn't be installed. Aftger hours of tinkering with that and other problems, i flashed the unit with the Global firmware (i'm in Canada) and things started to work more normally and virtual switch managed to come on and the thunderbolt ports were available (even though i'm not currently using them yet).

3. As much as i try, i can't seem to get iSCSI to work. Everything is configured correctly however on Windows, I have not been able to get my 10 GBE link to find the iSCSI target portal no matter what i try. I verified that the new network i set up and bindings for iSCSI service are set correctly on the QNAP and pinged each end and network is working. The service is running on the QNAP too and verified that by running at netstat -a in SSH and saw that the service is indeed running. One thing that I did do was change the management port to a 1 GB adapter and made it the default gateway. I don't want my iSCSI link having anythign on it but SCSI traffic.

4. After two days of networking issues on a sudo Intel 10GBE X540-T2 card with driver issues, everything seems to be working except for the PROset application features. Apparently the app can't find the cards but the driver works and communication is working so it shouldn't prevent iSCSI from working in windows however i have no idea how to test this at the moment except by creating a whole other volume on the old QNAP perhaps... :( more hours wasted.

5. Ran a Diskcheck on the volume after QNAP recommended it. No problems. its fine and fully functional. All green lights and healthy.

So I'm curious, theres obviously some config corruption that happened which bit by bit is getting overwritten or fixed but doesn't anyone know if there is a specific iSCSI issue with Legacy Thin-Volumes from early QNAP models when you migrate them? Are there any restrictions for using volumes above 16 TB when migrating I'm not aware of?

How can I upgrade this volume to the new Storage spec on the new QNAP? Is the iSCSI not working in the new model because of this issue?

Since this model was listed as directly compatible with "Direct Migration" I would appreciate a more detailed upgrade path from them as commands and certain other information was sadly lacking. If the limitation was 16TB LUNS or volumes to migrate into the new storage system, they should have mentioned that. Is there any command on the ssh command shell that will convert the LUN or volume over to the new format except by deleting it and creating a new one (thus losing hours to restore and data from that volume? - yes i have backups! )

Any helps here would be appreciated. If at least to save time by not having to recreate and then move over 20 TB of data back from a very slow backup drive i have.


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