Qnap NVME Disk Access History I/O - issue

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Qnap NVME Disk Access History I/O - issue

Post by file-moon » Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:57 pm


I have Samsung NVME connected to Qnap extension card - after power cut disk status for NVME Samsung disk has ben changed to Disk Access History (I/O) - Error.

because of status - I'm unable to access data/wipe disk .....

I know we have two options to remove disk status:

1. take disk out from Qnap reformat on other computer insert again (not possible in my case)
2. run badblock scanner (Qnap asked that found I/O history error do you want to clean the error up if result is normal) - I'm selecting yes, scanning is finished after time no scan error is present and disk status is still in Error. I was able to call ssh command for scan disk and also no error. Disk is 100% ok - however Qnap is stubborn.

As far as I understand there must be config file with Disk Access History (I/O) flag, can anyone help me to find the file so I will be able to change status manually?

(ticket with qnap is logged but they not very fast with answering)

Regards Chris

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