TS-253A Admin Password / Encryption

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TS-253A Admin Password / Encryption

Post by joeh8014 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:52 am


I recently had to perform an admin password reset on my TS-253A by holding the reset button for 3 seconds. I noticed that the NAS didn't reboot after doing this. I am concerned because I have encrypted drives. Since the machine didn't reboot this is a security concern as someone could simply reset the admin password and access all of my encrypted files. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Re: TS-253A Admin Password / Encryption

Post by dolbyman » Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:08 am

I think this was discussed before

if you set your drive to not autodecrypt on startup you should be fine .. as power would be cut to the NAS on theft

Otherwise the NAS itself should be physically protected form unauthorized access

if you want to complain about the lack of restart or disk lock, open a ticket with qnap

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