Setting up second QNAP only for backup

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Setting up second QNAP only for backup

Post by janwer » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:47 am

Primary TVS-951x. RAID5 5x3TB HGST for media, photos, Plex, Roon. RAID1 2x0,5TB SSD for system and databases. Snapshots.
Secondary TS-431P2. RAID5 4x3TB HGST only daily backup with HBS3 and maybe snapshots from primary.

Is there any sense to have snapshots on secondary backup QNAP? If no should i make thick or static volume? Use 100% available pool space or less?
Which is better snapshot replication or storage?
What is the use of snapshots if I'll have daily versioned backup?
TVS-951x 16GB RAM, 2x 0,5 TB SSD RAID1, 4x 8 TB RAID5
TS-431P2 8GB RAM, 4x 3 TB HGST RAID5
Unraid 8GB RAM, 10x 3TB HGST

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