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Using an expansion chassis to ferry data from one TVS-1282T3 to another TVS-1282T3?

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:45 am
by SimCity2019
So I have a TVS-1282T3 and a TX-800P expansion chassis that’s brand new and configured as a thick volume and separate storage pool.

I want be able to take this expansion chassis and take it over to the other TVS-1282T3 several miles away, connect it, copy over about 80TB of data, and take the expansion chassis back to my TVS-1282T3 and mount it there.

I talked to a qnap engineer and was told that if I configured the expansion chassis as a thick volume and separate storage pool that I should be able to take it over and connect by recovering the enclosure in the storage tool. I tried this but for some reason that option was greyed out and all I could do was a scan, but that failed...

Anyone know what could possibly be the issue? Is what I’m trying to do even possible or have I been given some inaccurate info?

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