Anyone try 963x QTIER or ssd cache on 4.4 yet?

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Anyone try 963x QTIER or ssd cache on 4.4 yet?

Post by sohouser1 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:44 am

So after having a horribly experience with qtier on 4.3, I'm curious if anyone has tried qtier on 4.4, specifically on a 963x? I really don't to tear down 12tb of volumes to rebuild from backup disks unless I know it is going to work this time around!

TLDR of the 4.3 issue was that once cache or qtier filled up, overall performance of ANY operation was horribly, often under 1 megabyte/second disk throughput. Unsuitably slow, enough to corrupt VM's. In the case of SSD cache, turning off cache would fix the problem. Turning it back on resulted in great performance, until the cache filled up.

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