Expanding Capacity of TS-409 Pro

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Expanding Capacity of TS-409 Pro

Post by merri1 » Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:53 pm


I'm currently running TS-409 Pro with 2 x 1TB Seagate disks installed in a mirrored RAID1 configuration, i.e. the current capacity is 1TB. If I want to increase the capacity of the NAS, let's say from 1TB to 3TBs, do I just throw in e.g. 2 x 2TB WD disks and thereby have a 3TB NAS in a mirrored RAID1 configuration? As the NAS has 2 free bays, do I need to use "Online RAID Capacity Expansion" function, or do I just simply throw in 2 new disks?

If later I'd need to increase the capacity from 3TB to 4TB, can I then use "Online RAID Capacity Expansion" function to replace the 2 x 1TB disks with 2 x 2TB disks thereby reaching a total capacity of 4TB in a mirrored RAID1 configuration, which is the maximum of TS-409 Pro as I've understood?

Will TS-409 Pro transparently handle network shares that reside on 2 different physical disks (and their respective mirror disks in RAID1 configuration), e.g. is the size of a network share limited only by the total capacity of the NAS, or does a network share need to fit on one physical disk (and its respective mirror disk).E.g. if TS-409 Pro has 4 x 2TB disks in RAID1 configuration, and the total capacity is 4TBs, can a single network share be up to 4TBs in size?

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