Old qnap 750gb disk almost full - but where are the files?

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Old qnap 750gb disk almost full - but where are the files?

Post by LAZER » Tue Sep 29, 2009 2:55 am

I am experiencing a very weird problem.
I have been taking out old disks to perform an upgrade to disks with greater capacity.
The backup from the first old disk went fine, but when i reached the 2nd old disk i experienced a weird thing.
In the qnap webinterface the external usb disk is recognized as an ext3 disk 698.64 GB / 71.59 GB. So this disk is almost full. The status field is empty and at the top of the usb disk menu it sais loading data all the time.
I dont know if this is the source of the problem but here is the weird thing.

As told i want to take a backup of the 2nd old disk also now connected via the external back usb.
I then access the qnap via ssh and access the /share/HDO_DATA folder, that seems to be the mount of that disk.
Here i have 3 folders: Film, Film2 and Series2 (formerly the disk was 1 of two in raid 01 (striped).
The film folder is empty, the series2 is empty but the film2 has files in it - but only 150 gb. Where is all the rest!?

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