How I fixed my recent Failure to Boot.

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How I fixed my recent Failure to Boot.

Post by Jud69 » Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:53 am

I recently rebooted My TS-409 after nearly 6 months of running and it failed to boot up.

I hooked up the internal serial console, to discover that it could not mount /dev/md0 on /root. (failed: no such device)
The raids where assembled correctly, so I was puzzled.

What I found was:
that in the last six months, I had changed the root partition in fstab from ext3 to ext2. (I think I did this to reduce some disk IO)
but I must not have successfully done the tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/md0.

Some time after this I must have done an upgrade that installed a new kernel and rebuilt the initramfs.
The initramfs build looks at fstab to see what file-system it needs to support, and loads up only with what it needs. (fair enough)
But when the initramfs runs and tries to mount /dev/md0 (auto detected it as ext3) and failed as it did not have the appropriate drivers.
luckily it falls back to the basic shell.

I fixed this by:
(initramfs) mount -t ext2 /dev/md0 /root
(some warnings etc.)
(initramfs) mount /dev /root/dev
(initramfs) mount /sys /root/sys
(initramfs) mount /proc /root/proc
(initramfs) chroot /root

I'm now running in the /dev/md0 root partition with limited things initialised, but enough at least to get tune2fs and e2fsck.

> mount -o remount,ro /
> tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/md0 (force it to be auto detected as an ext2 instead of ext3)
> e2fsck /dev/md0
> reboot

All is well again.

I hope this helps anyone in the same boat.
The internal serial connection is vital for this fix.

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