TS-201 event log corrupted

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TS-201 event log corrupted

Post by pmaurer@arcor.de » Sat Oct 03, 2009 7:09 pm

I have a problem with the system event logging of my TS-201 (FW 2.3.0 Build 0825T).

It seems that the event logging is somehow clipped to the last 2 events. Even though events are created periodically by successfully finished remote replication tasks, the event log only contains the last two entries. Sometimes the event log page of the web interface indicates that there are 2 log entries, but does not display them, independent from the selected event category.
I already tried to different combinations of clearing the log file and rebooting the QNAP, but it did noch change this situation.
Taking a look at the log files in /etc/logs it seems that this is not primarily a matter of displaying the log file content, but an issue of the logging process as such.

The two files which I have found in the /etc/logs folder are named nas4000.cnt and nas4000.log.
The .cnt file just contains binary data, the .log file contains a mix of binary data and a few log messages, but definitely not the full set of events which I expect.
Is there any reference about the logging file format?

What should I do to restore correct event logging?

Thanks in advance for any helpful idea

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