Symform seems "stopped"?

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Symform seems "stopped"?

Post by __StE__ » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:42 am

Hi to all and thanks in advance.
I have a qnap nas ts-212 and today I've tried to install and configure symform with it. I suppose its all okay, I selected 150GB of contribution space and then I selected one big directory for backup and sync (its about 80GB with 100k files).
First, symform seems don't want to start. After about 2 hours, upload finally starts. But after 6 hours in state "active", it only uploads about 60 files for 150MB. Now, checking in the "cloud dashboard", symform tells there are 100 file in process, but the percent seems not to increment. It seems all stopped, but there are no errors anywhere. It's this normal? Do I have only to be patient?

Sorry for bad english, i'm from italy.

Update: other problem. Just now i had to stop symform, then i disable the service in the nas. So i restarted it and now in the symform cpanel on the nas it seems to have lost all synced files ?!?! but in the cloud dashboard it seems to be all okay. Symform seems to be stop now, just like after the first activation.

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Re: Symform seems "stopped"?

Post by Symform » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:48 am

Hello StE,

I understand that you are having an issue with Symform running on your QNAP. I would like to ask if you have submitted a case to our support department?

If not, please send an email to: listing your issue, and we will be able to assist you.

Thank you,
Symform Support Team

Symform, inc.

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