Audio files and Photoshop strangness

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Audio files and Photoshop strangness

Post by Sutton » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:00 am

I've had issues working with audio from day one with my TS-1677X, 4.3.5 with OS 10.11.6. I first noticed it with Compressor and encoding aif to AC3. What would take 3-4 minutes to encode now was taking and hour. If I move the file to a local drive, back down to 3-4 minutes. The odd thing is, it's not every time. Sometimes, the files will encode in a timely manner, but at some point during the day, a slow down occurs. If I reboot the server and the mac, often it corrects itself and will work at speed. Sometimes not. It's the same with SMB or AFP. I've checked permissions over and over.

I have a similar issue with saving photshop files. Most of the time it works, other times I get a message from PS informing me that it can't save. Saving again, works. When I get the save error a file is generated on the server, but the it's 0k in size and won't open.

I use Logic Audio on a daily basis and most everything works as expecting, until I try to alter an audio file: time stretch, gain change, etc. It just won't work from the server. Again, dragging the audio to another local drive solves it. This might just be an apple thing.

Everything else seems to work without issue, but these couple of issues are real time zappers in a busy workflow.

I've tried the regular support channels and get the "it's not us, must be them" response. I'm hoping someone out there has experienced something similar and may have a solution.



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