One QNAP - two networks

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One QNAP - two networks

Post by michaeltebinka » Thu Jun 23, 2022 5:07 pm

Hi all

I've tried to resolve a network configuration issue that I can't get my head around how to solve.

We have a QNAP at the office with 4x 2.5GbE ports and 2x SFP+ at 10Gbps.
Adapter 1 (2.5GbE port) on the QNAP is connected to a rack mounted switcher that makes the QNAP visible on the entire company network (internally). The switcher has one port connected to a router which enables connection to internet. In this way the office has internet connection and can connect to the QNAP.

I have a Mac Pro 2019 that is connected on this very same network through Ethernet 1 (Ethernet 2 is not used). This work well and as the internal network is running at 1Gbps the transfer speeds are rather limited. Therefore I have installed a SFP+ PCI-card in my Mac Pro, connected fibre directly to the QNAP and its SFP+ port to have a separate and direct connection for high transfer speeds.

My issue is how i should configure the network adapter on the QNAP and on my Mac (the SFP+ connection). I have tried several options, including setting a fixed ip with a different range and subnet (on both QNAP and Mac) but all i get is problems connecting between them two. In Qfinder, when the SFP+ connection is chosen the IP-number is always red and therefore i am unable to mount the shared folders - or connect from finder.

How should the different adapters on my mac be prioritised and is there another way to make this work (to prioritise SFP+ direct connection to the QNAP)?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: One QNAP - two networks

Post by FSC830 » Thu Jun 23, 2022 7:57 pm

Always the same: dont use Qfinder, there is absolutely no need for that!

Basic network setup example:
LAN 1 (company and internet) (or other subnet mask if needed)
LAN 2 (10G network) NAS: PC/Mac:
Mount shares from NAS using the IP address.
Check if connectivity is existing, check LEDs at interface card, ping from Mac to NAS and vice-versa.
If there is no connectivity its most likely to the physics, broken or wrong cable/SFP+.
Sometimes the FC cable is "straight" and not crossed (tx/rx). you can check this with the camera of your cell phone.
Hold camera in front of FC port and see at which side of port you can see a light. Check the same at PC.
WARNING: do not look directly into port without cell phone!
There must not be light-to-light at the ports when cable is plugged in. If so, cable is "straight" and you need to open the connector and exchange the cable strings.

All IPs are only as an example, you can use whatever you like, but ensure, that LAN1 and 2 are different netowrks!

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