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Connection Status

Postby G6VBJ » Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:43 pm

Hi, I would grateful if someone could assist me (I have raised a ticket via the QNAP help desk, but they are very slow in responding).

My QNAP is a TS-453A running F/W version is 4.2.4. I have two applications on my desk top regarding myQNAPcloud. One is called CloudLink and the other is called myQNAPcloud.

I recently upgraded my F/W to Beta and this is when the problem started and hence my downgrade to v4.2.4.

After the upgrade to I found that I lost my VPN connection using myQNAPcloud. Both applications would not autoconfig my router (a Tehnicolor Gateway TG582n running S/W version 8.4.4.J). the original name for my NAS was Central-Drive.

The initial response from QNAP Tech support was to change the name of the NAS which I did to CentralDrive, but this did not help (I also founf that I could not return the name to its original as the NAS did not accept a hyphenated name.

I desperation I deregistered the NAS via the myQNAPcloud and changed the name to HUB1000, the myQNAPcloud web page asks me to "Install the Cloudlink QPKG" but it is already installed. I also reverted to F/W release 4.2.4.

Using the Cloud link app is installed the link to my NAS using the name HUB1000, this time it enabled the auto config of my router and the APP shows "green ticks" for Status, WEB connectivity and DDNS status. The "Cloud Link" status is a greyed out "no entry sign".

All publish services are ticked.

The Cloudlink menu shows "Connection Status Normal"

Access control is "Public"

There is no SSL certificate installed.

How can I get the myQNAPcloud service restored to normal so I can use my VPN service.

Thanks in advance for any assistance


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Re: Connection Status

Postby Murrey » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:44 pm

I have the same issue as since upgrade firmware in 4.2.4.
My QNAP NAs is not accessible with myqnapcloud service, but I can still connect with public IP address.

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Re: Connection Status

Postby Murrey » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:14 pm

For me it's working now.
I have registred a ticket on support. may be they change something
I have also unconnect DDNS and reconnect in my qnap.

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