Third party Music player streaming from qnapcloud?

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Third party Music player streaming from qnapcloud?

Post by Derek s » Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:23 am

Hello all,

I use Kodi and music Monkey at home to connect to my music on my Nas. I have set up myqnapcloud and can successfully access my music and stream to qmusic from outside the home over mobile data etc.

Whilst qmusic works, I find navigation of my 1200 (well organised) files painful to say the least. I now bypass the inbuilt navigation and go direct to the ‘folders’ tab where all my music is arranged under artist folders \albums etc. in order to navigate successfully at all.

Given that I find the navigation functions in kodi and media monkey far superior, is there any way of accessing my music using a third party media app via myqnapcloud?

I appreciate that there are other (more technical) methods of accessing remotely but just wondered whether I could point an app to the files via myqnapcloud in any way.


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