Cannot log in to myQnapcloud

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Cannot log in to myQnapcloud

Post by raftur » Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:16 pm


I hope this is a good place for my topic.

I'm struggling with a small issue.
I've an update of the firmware yesterday.

When it was finished i couldn't log in anymore through the web browser, using qfinder pro sends me to to de log in page that dosn't work .... it works but cannot log in.
I can input my login and password but nothing happens.

The strange thing is....
Through Qfinder pro i can still reboot the NAS or turn it off, or update the firmware.
Can downgrade also - can that be a solution?

The other thing is that through my smartphone i can use still the Qmanager ---- i see there that the CPU is 100% busy ,
In the processes i see that in the list is there 2 times apache2

Thank You very much for any advices.


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