Restrict shared folders to local access only?

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Restrict shared folders to local access only?

Post by karlhvm » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:44 pm

I'm setting up my new QNAP TS-431P and liking it so far. I set up one volume for personal storage, and one volume for storing files for an organization I run. I'm looking forward to controlling which shared folders on each volume users will have access to via myQNAPcloud.

However, I would also like to use the QNAP for securely backing up important financial and legal information without making it possible for people to access it over the internet. I made a shared folder on my personal volume, and I would like to restrict access to it so that only local devices can access it - no remote access at all. Is this possible? I couldn't see an immediately obvious way to to it through myQNAPcloud. I may share files for my organization through my QNAP, and I could envision a scenario where someone could try to access my storage remotely if they know the url, and attempt to break in. I'd like to just not make it possible for that particular shared folder to be breached unless they're on my LAN.

Any ideas?

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Re: Restrict shared folders to local access only?

Post by dolbyman » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:42 pm

scenario of a break in is not only theoretical .. lots of hacked nas each week in this forum (qnap are not hardned enough for this scenario)

get your nas out of the internet and consult an expert on exactly how to setup a secure solution for your company

exposing the qnap to the web is not it

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