Syncing files

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Syncing files

Post by Carlinperth » Sat Mar 02, 2019 9:48 pm

Hi All

Probably a very NOOB question.

My wife runs a small photography buisness and we want to use the NAS to store all her photos. We have all the photos backed up via Qsync, but we are quickly running out of disc space on her PC. We use nextcloud at work which allows me to sync only the files i want onto the PC while still having the other files on the cloud, should they be needed.

When i select the option to" delete the file/folder form the PC but keep a copy on the NAS", the folder is moved to the trash in the NAS and i then have to manually move it back into the correct folder. Needless to say this caused a bit drama with my wife.

Am i missing something or is there an app that i can use to give the option of only syncing the files i want without it being sent to the trash?


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