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Certificate issue & No Web Connetivity

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 5:04 pm
by flemche

I'm trying to install a certificate bought on QNAP Cloud on a NAS drives, but I'm having some issues.

I have 2 NAS drives and have tried it on both but they fail with the same issue.

TS-639 Version 4.2.6.
TS-419P Version

First of all the "Web Connctivity" is "Not Ok" on both drivers.
All other indicaters on the Overview is "OK"
SSL Certificate = "Not Installed"

Both drives has been connected to "" and I can access them from there.

As mentioned I have bought 1 certificate and want to install it, but both drives comes up saying "Failed to download certificate" even though it is shown in the dropdown box.
I'm not sure if the Web connectivity "Not OK" has an influence on the Certificate or if it is 2 different problems?

As a note I released the certificate from another old QNAP device in "" and it now has the status of not used.
Don't know if that is important?

My Router is an Ubiquity USG and I enabled the Upnp for both NAS drives which seems to work.

Anyone with a solution?