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Cannot Connect To MyQNAPCloud Address Remotely

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:55 am
by Genesis730
I have setup my new TS-251+ and have it hard-wired into my router.
I have "auto-configured" the router via the QTS-MyQNAPCloud app and all is OK (NAS Web, Secured NAS Web, FTP/FTPES Server, SSH Server/SFTP Server, Web Server, Secured Web Server) when I go into the Auto Router Configuration tab of the app.
Further, under the Overview tab, Auto Router Configuration is has a green check next to both Status and Web Connectivity.

I have registered my device with MyQNAPCloud and can access it via my intranet (local IP set by router, which I have assigned as a static IP) however remote access via tells me the connection timed out or is unavailable.

I have searched throughout the forum and have found several similar issues but none that I have been able to follow enough or apply to my situation to find a fix.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you

Here is the Diagnostics dump:
------ NAT PMP Diagnostics ------
initnatpmp() returned 0 (SUCCESS)
using gateway :
sendpublicaddressrequest returned 2 (SUCCESS)
readnatpmpresponseorretry returned -7 (FAILED)
------ UPnP Diagnostics ------
upnpc : miniupnpc library test client. (c) 2006-2011 Thomas Bernard
Go to or
for more information.
List of UPNP devices found on the network :
desc: ... f123f00000
st: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1

Found valid IGD : ... nnection:1
Local LAN ip address :
Connection Type : IP_Routed
Status : Connected, uptime=183253s, LastConnectionError :
Time started : Wed Jun 12 15:40:53 2019
MaxBitRateDown : 54599000 bps MaxBitRateUp 9860000 bps
ExternalIPAddress = **modified for security
0 UDP 3074-> 'Teredo>3074 UDP' ''
1 TCP 8080-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-Web Admin' ''
2 TCP 8082-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-Secure Web Admin' ''
3 TCP 20-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-FTP/FTPS' ''
4 TCP 22-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-SSH/SFTP' ''
5 TCP 8083-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-Web Server/Multi' ''
6 TCP 8081-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-Secure Web Serve' ''
7 TCP 21-> '4116148f1d5f20dc2dc6de709ce2a30b-FTP/FTPS' ''
GetGenericPortMappingEntry() returned 713 (SpecifiedArrayIndexInvalid)

Re: Cannot Connect To MyQNAPCloud Address Remotely

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:27 am
by Genesis730
Any suggestions?

Re: Cannot Connect To MyQNAPCloud Address Remotely

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:39 am
by dolbyman
if you really want to risk exposing all those services to the open web, do it manually on the router

better way would be a vpn (server on QNAP or router)