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Cannot Access QTS desktop Apps on NAS via Myqnapcloud

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:53 pm
Hello All

I have a Qnap 451+ and its fully up to date in terms of latest QTS version 4.3.6. All my apps like Sickgear, couchpotato etc are also all updated and working perfectly. I know very little about coding and barely know how to access my NAS via SSH. I use my NAS mainly for storage and for doing automated downloading of movies and series using Sickgear, SABNZBD and couchpotato etc. I program them and operate them through my QTS desktop and run them all in a Windows based mode.

I cant seem to access any of my installed apps (like Sickgear) on the NAS via myqnapcloud when I use my windows 10 laptop. Through myqnapcloud I can sign into my NAS, I can sign into the QTS home screen where I can see all my apps on the NAS home page / Desktop. If I click on the Sickgear icon in order to access the program to load up a new show I simply get a blank webpage screen which eventually times out. I’ve tried connecting via the quicklink, via the 192.168.XXX option and every other option that comes up after I’ve signed into the QTS with no success.

I have ran and setup the full myqnapcloud service on the NAS and checked all the server settings as best I know how.

Maybe some interesting info that could assist you. If I’m sitting at home on my laptop the NAS shows up on my local home network due to wireless connection. When I sign-in to myqnapcloud, then sign into QTS and all the exact same steps as above, I can get in and have full functionality of Sickgear (or other apps) on my laptop, but this only works because I’m accessing the NAS through my wireless network on my laptop as an approved network device.

The minute I leave my house and connect via any other internet connection I cant seem to open the app / program to use it remotely. I assume this means that the laptop settings are all good and that it must be a setting somewhere on the NAS thats not allowing access to the full use of the apps / deskop features?

Hopefully my description is clear enough and I’m really hoping it’s an easy fix. If you feel it’s better for me to open a ticket I’ll also be happy to go that route, but might be difficult to explain to them as they often take you through 20 other steps before actually addressing the issue at hand 😊

Your help would be appreciated.

Re: Cannot Access QTS desktop Apps on NAS via Myqnapcloud

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:43 pm
by dolbyman
there is probably missing ports not forwarded to the wan to use those apps

but be very aware that each port you forward,opens you up to external attacks...people get hacked all the time (check the forum)

if you need to access your nas from outside, use a vpn

Re: Cannot Access QTS desktop Apps on NAS via Myqnapcloud

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:21 pm
Thank-you for your advice. I will check port forwarding again, but as far as I know everything is open and good to go. My router might need a setting tweaked, but I wouldn't know what to check :S :?: